Community Adult Learning

Grande Cache Community Adult Learning was adopted by the Hinton Adult Learning Society in 2019.

Hinton Adult Learning Society has been facilitating CALP since 1984. 

We have 35+ years successfully running our programs.  Although it has gone through many changes, the vision of CALP has remained the same; “Changing lives through adult foundational learning in connected communities“.  

HALS strives to provide non-credit foundational learning opportunities for adults in Hinton and area. CALP is funded by Alberta Advanced Education. Courses, learning activities, and information sessions are in the following categories and offered through classes, or small groups, or one on one tutoring:

  • Adult Literacy
  • Family Literacy
  • Community Capacity Building
  • Numeracy
  • English Language Learning
  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Foundational Life Skills 

We also offer Learner Support Services such as:  

  • Access to a safe and welcoming learning environment
  • Access to and assistance with basic technology
  • Information about post-secondary learning
  • Access to and assistance with learning opportunities offered by a partner organization
  • Mentorship to adult learners
  • Job search and/or resume support
  • Assistance with forms
  • Assistance and referrals to newcomers
  • Referrals to community supports and services

Hinton Adult Learning Bursary

The Hinton Adult Learning Society is committed to providing educational opportunities to individuals facing financial barriers.

The Hinton Adult Learning Bursary is designed to help remove financial barriers, which may hinder participation in learning opportunities. All applications will be kept confidential. An individual may receive up to $250 in reduced or waived fees per HALS calendar year.

Who is eligible to use the Fund?

Adults who live in Hinton and area are eligible to apply for assistance. An individual must be registering in a required program to qualify for funding.  Contact Deena at 780-865-1686 for further information or to see if you qualify for help.

Hinton Adult Learning Society receives its funding in part from the annual grant of Innovation and Advanced Education.

Foundational Learning

Learning is a lifelong process. Transformation through learning leads to self-direction and self-awareness. It is never too late to develop, practice, or sharpen Essential Skills. Adults bring with them life experience, values, and knowledge to their learning. Adults learn in a variety of ways through consistency and compromise. Hinton Adult Learning is dedicated to promoting and supporting meaningful lifelong learning opportunities for every adult learner.

Tutoring Services Offered

  • Numeracy – All Maths, Banking Basics, Pre-GED Math Specific, etc.

  • Literacy – Reading and Writing Skills

  • 9 Essential Life Skills

  • Digital Skills – Basic Computer Skills, Navigation of Websites, Microsoft Office Applications, Google, Zoom, Keyboarding, Email, Macintosh devices, Samsung devices etc.

  • Upgrading

  • Study Skills and Tips

  • Career and Schooling Options and Information

  • Post-Secondary Test Proctoring

  • GED Preparation – Accommodations,

  • Well-Being Strategies – Mindfulness

  • Continuous Learning